Can we live on Mars?

In the near future, we will surely see humans exploring the red planet. However, we will not be able to live there as long as we want. We may even consider banning people from living on Mars because of the long periods of time needed for extended visits and breathable air.

As humans, would you like to live on Mars? What are your thoughts about it?

The idea of living on Mars is an age old one. It has been debated for centuries. The future of humans on Mars and how much travelling time it would require are two major questions to which no one can give a definitive answer at the moment.

A company that has been discussing this topic for decades is Elon Musk, who wants to colonise Mars and become the first to live there. He launched his SpaceX rocket in 2010 in order to make the trip. Since then there have been several unsuccessful attempts to send probes into space without success, however one of these failed missions was launched by Virgin Galactic with a total budget of $200 million and 4 passengers!

After almost 3 years, the rocket failed because of technical reasons (the main problem was with Ejection seat) but it resulted in the largest loss so far for Virgin Galactic (about $1 billion). The reason why these rockets fail is that they cannot carry more than 4 passengers at a time but only 4 people can be fitted

I am a big proponent of the idea that we can live on Mars.

As humans progressed from Earth to space, humans observed how animals and plants grow and evolve in space. We have also learned how animals and plants adapt to different environments around the world. But if humans would be able to live on Mars for several generations, I predict that our planet would look very similar over time – maybe even better than it does now! Not everything about our planet will change, but there are some important things that will no longer be possible due to the changes in climate, water pressure or temperature, etc.

A hypothetical Martian colony. AI meets a human being who is currently exploring space. The AI asks him the questions, which it has prepared in advance of the conversation.

It is often said that humans have an urge to explore and conquer the world, while robots have an urge to make all the things they need and want by themselves. However, there are some problems with this view of life on Mars. If you are going there by yourself and you have no experience with cold winter temperatures or extreme weather conditions, then you will not be able to survive on Mars but if you do not know any of these things – even if our life here is in danger – then it will be useless for us to go there without being prepared enough. Our new artificial intelligence assistant may save us from this situation because it would help us make everything we need in the most

Following the first successful mission to Mars, we are now expecting the first humans to live there in our lifetime.